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NOKIA 2.2 REVIEW First Impressions (2019)




  •           User-replaceable battery Benefits of Android One Google Custom Assistant key


  •           Poor overall performance The camera performance is rotten no light notice


NOKIA 2.2 REVIEW With its low overall performance and low value for money, the Nokia 2.2 is on the market only to remind you of superior models in the market at a slightly higher asking price, such as Nokia 4.2 and Redmi 7.


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Smartphone of HMD Global OA is launching for 2019, which is like slow burning for the popular Nokia brand. After showing some models in the Mobile World Congress in February, it went on releasing some markets in a slow, steady way. Fortunately, India is one of those markets and we have put our hands on yet another Nokia x.2 model. This one, however, is the cheapest Nokia smartphone you can get without including the Android Go Universe. This is Nokia 2.2.

A few weeks ago, we reviewed Nokia 4.2, which was the first launch of the brand in India for this year. After some time, we reviewed Nokia 3.2. We concluded that it would make more sense to spend more than hundreds and invest in a more sophisticated Nokia 4.2, until the phone was not the ultimate goal of the buyer. Then the cheap Nokia 2.2 stands Where? It got the MediaTek Helio A22 chipset with up to 3 GB of RAM. let's find out.

Building and Design

According to the Smartphone's product page, Nokia 2.2 is made of "a solid polycarbonate body" with "high brightness". In fact, Nokia 2.2 looks and plays part of a budget smartphone with very normal levels of construction and design. Nokia 2.2's bright back panel looks strong and hands-on, but is not particularly strong or eye-catching. Doing lazily on the back panel with your fingers has a hollow plastic sound coming out of the back panel. You would like to buy a bottle of colin with this phone, because the back panel is a palm-shaped magnet for fingerprints and smiles.

Being a budget smartphone, Nokia 2.2 does not have dual camera setup in the back. Instead, it receives a slight single-sensor shooter on the rear with a single LED flash. Top of Nokia 2.2 is home to 3.5mm audio jacks, but it is like this. There is no secondary microphone anywhere in the vicinity. On the left side of the phone is a dedicated Google Assistant Key, which, by default, fire the virtual assistant even when the screen is off. Nokia 2.2 has a microSUSB port and primary microphone at the bottom. On the right is the power button and the volume is the home of the rocker, which is difficult to control due to curvature in the body.

In addition, there is a small tab in the lower right, with which the user can completely remove the back panel. On the inside, we see two card slots on both sides, one of which has a primary SIM card and a MicroSD card. Second slot has secondary SIM card. In most places the user-removable lithium-ion polymer has been captured by the battery. Whose name is HQ510, the capacity of the battery is 2920mAh. It goes without saying that Nokia 2.2 does not get IP rating for water and dust resistance. Unlike its brothers, it does not get a notification light. In summary, Nokia 2.2 has a great build and design for its price

Display and Audio

The size of Nokia 2.2's display is the same as the price of Nokia 4.2. This is a 5.71-inch LCD panel, whose resolution is 720 x 120 pixels. The top of the display is home, which Nokia likes to say "Selfie Notch". In simple words, there is a small circular mark on the top for the phone's single selfie camera. Thanks to the basic support for Android 9 for Display Note, bundled apps like YouTube play well with the protrusion. While asphalt 9 fills the screen area around game notch, PUBG does not play games like mobile. This is a trend for which we all have to be together, whether we like it or not.

Although Nokia 2.2 appears to share its performance with the older Nokia 4.2, but there is a noticeable drop in quality at affordable units. On display of Nokia 2.2, the colors are slightly darker in color. According to our test kit, the brightness ranges from 5 to 666 LUX, which is enough to see in most environments. Like back panel, the display has a glossy finish, making the surface easily prone to smoothness and fingerprint. A bottle of colin and a sheet of tissue paper should go a long way in fixing the undesirable "glossy panel" effect.

If you are buying Nokia 2.2 for good audio, then prepare to be frustrated. There is a loudspeaker on the back panel, which is good for calls, ringtones and alarms, but not good for music. The sound of a small driver is sometimes unclear. By accidentally keeping a finger or palm over the speaker grill, the sound output can almost completely mute. Fortunately, there is a small lump around the grill that raises the phone when it is placed on the tabletop surface. But if the phone is lost somewhere between your bed, blanket and pillow, then there is a chance when you will lose your morning alarm.


nokia 2.2 REVIEW ,NOKIA 2.2

Nokia 2 and Nokia 2.1 were dependent on a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset (Snapdragon 212 and SnapDragon 425 respectively), but Nokia 2.2 breaks that trend and MediaTek works instead of the Helios A22 chipset. Built on the 12-nanometer process, Helios A22 offers four ARM Cortex-A53 CPU core at 2.0GHz. The graphics processing unit onboard is a PowerVR GE8320, based on our experience with the review unit, Nokia 3.2's snapdragon 429 chip feels more sensitive than Adreno 504. Nokia 2.2 has been introduced in two variants: 2GB RAM + 16GB Internal storage (Rs. 6,999) and another 3GB RAM + 32GB Internal Storage (Rs. 7,999). Our review unit was definitely the latter.

The Nokia 2.2 review unit has more or less increased than Nokia 3.2. On AnTuTu 7.0, the unit received 61554 points, where Nokia 3.2 scored 63903 points. GeBank refused to run on Nokia 2.2 due to server connectivity issues. On 3DMark's sling shot, Nokia 2.2 scored 440 points. In comparison, Nokia 3.2 and Nokia 4.2 received 415 and 821 respectively in the same test. On PCMark Storage, Nokia 2.2 (with its score of 7069) beat Nokia 3.2 (5574) and Nokia 4.2 (6965).


Nokia 2.2 is the cheapest model of Finnish phone maker that runs Android One. The below-priced models get simple and lightweight Android Go. As is the case with any of the modern Nokia smartphones running Android One, Nokia 2.2 gets the latest pass-stock version of Android, version 9 (pie). It also promises regular software for up to two years. UI is clean and easy to use. The app drawer is free of bloater, so people who like stock Android or anything around it will appreciate it.

The tablet-based navigation introduced by Google in Android 9 is turned on by default. The settings in the UI include the option to switch to a dark device theme, which should please those who prefer white text on a dark background. It is worth noting that this theme setting is not exactly system-wide and it only changes the presence of certain system elements, such as the Notification Drawer.

The camera

Many of today's smartphones are seen on at least two cameras on the back panel, Nokia 2.2 is seen with a nominal single shooter on its back panel. It is a 13-megapixel 1.12um sensor, which has a clarity of f / 2.2 and autofocus. It is with a single LED flash which is doubled as the flashlight of the phone. The camera at the front is a 5-megapixel unit available in the phone's "Selfie Notch". On Nokia 2.2, the default camera app has modes like HDR, Panorama, Low-Light Enhancement, Time Lapse, Butifting and Google Lens.

The photos taken in daylight through the primary (and only) sensor of Nokia 2.2 are somewhat sluggish and lacking in detail. The colors also appear to be dull and washed. For example, the leaves on a tree begin to dry as they are. Zoom reveals detail in detail and focuses on many elements of a frame. However, photos inside the house are mostly noise and colorless. Shots taken inside a conference room are easily blurred. Low-lighted photos are grainy and blurry and therefore they are considered best. Selfie, on the other hand, appear quite sharp around the main theme, although they can do with even more color. They make noise in low light and through the back camera, the regular shots become blurred in low light.

The default camera app is slow for feedback and is almost unusable. On many occasions, the app stopped at the review unit and I stopped myself trying to see the picture taken a few minutes ago. Switching between photos and video modes takes about two seconds. A "beauty" slider can be set for both regular photos and selfies. In all, Nokia 2.2 can not be considered for its optical skills. If your budget can be increased to accommodate Redmi 7 rather than Nokia 2.2, then your mobile photography experience should improve significantly. You can read more about Redmi 7 and its camera quality


Battery setup on Nokia 2.2 is unique. Like Nokia's Nokia models, Nokia 2.2 has a user-removable battery. The battery of the review unit bore the model number HQ510 and its capacity is 2920mAh. Some years ago, users who had a user removable battery in their phone had the option of replacing the unit when the battery was damaged. But at the moment, it is difficult to say whether it is an advantage for Nokia 2.2 because a Google search for model numbers gives very little information. We are not sure that Nokia will sell online batteries.

According to our standard battery benchmark test, Nokia 2.2 has scored 7 hours, 31 minutes. In comparison, Nokia 4.2 and Redmi 7 scored 8 hours, 50 minutes and 9 hours, 5 minutes respectively in the same test. In everyday usage scenarios, the Nokia 2.2 review unit lasted for a while with moderate usage, with some thirty minutes of gaming, twenty minutes of browsing and some app installs. When the phone was unused for two full days in my bag, the battery fell to 30 percent full. For charging 10 percent back, the standard bundled charger takes about two full hours. In summary, Nokia 2.2 has a good battery life, but can be done with better.


Nokia 2.2 entered the budget smartphone market with a price tag of 7,999 rupees (3GB RAM / 32GB storage variant), when its more sophisticated brother, Nokia 4.2 updated 10,490 rupees (for the same 3Gb RAM) Received value. / 32GB storage variant). Although you can save a few thousand rupees with Nokia 2.2, you will miss a lot behind in terms of features and quality. The performance is also hit with the weak MediaTek Helio A22 chipset of Nokia 2.2.

When compared to a little expensive phone such as Redmi 7, Nokia 2.2 is too little to separate itself, except for the fact that it comes with Android One. Although it periodically updates and promises a clean stock Android-UI, it becomes almost unusable due to the phone's low power chipset. Forget Nokia 2.2; Get Beefier Nokia 4.2 or Redmi 7
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