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Realme 2 review Good price (2019)

Realme 2 Review


Realme 2 offers the cheapest price for the price of Rs 10.990. Cellular phone sending for someone who is not an electrician, and looking for a nice tool and providing a lot of things to look for. Realme, as a mark, was somewhat established as one who offers great excitement to the donkey. Although it may not be sufficient in terms of code, it's more than likely to make it a bigger experience than the UI system. Realme 2 is a competition with Redmi 6 Pro recently published. The company offers a good chance of service after trading on completing Flipkart. The two phones, however, are sold by flash sales. It may be hard to get your hand on one. There is also the Realme 2 Pro right around the corner, so you can wait and see the situation with it. Generally, Realme 2 represents the promise, but in a competitive market like a budget, with all the gadgets, it can be lost to the public.



REALME 2 Review : Detailed view

OPPO's real-time Realme, which was introduced in the Indian market earlier this year, was more or less well received. The price range in which the brand debuted, was not a SPACE-heavy opponent, and it made a lot of difference. In its second attempt to make a budget smartphone, the newly formed company has reduced expectations slightly, and provides an experience with other budget instruments in that price segment. Realme CEO Madhav Seth wants to reduce the fact that Realme 2 is not the heir to the first one. In his opinion, Realme 2 will complement Realme 1 and provide more options to the consumer. Well, the choice or no choice, Realme 2 looks like the first movie from outside, and the competition now offers more in-line with what it offers. Still, there are some important additions that can be a challenge for Xiaomi's recently released devices in the Budget Segment. Armed with a dual camera behind, and finally a fingerprint sensor, Realme 2 comes in the form of a more complete resolution than the first one, but is it all? let's find out.


Most of the Realme 2 Realme 1 retains design signals. Glass-based diamond-cut back panel is now also introduced in other colors. In addition, there is now a fingerprint sensor behind. Realme 1 has almost the same dimensions of Realme 1, only that it is slightly thicker due to the larger battery. The camera unit and the fingerprint sensor have been erected in line with the silver accent, which is one of the more premium looking devices in that price range. Despite being of the same size, Realme 2 offers a lot more screen real estate up front. Realme 2 made this possible by bringing infamous footprint into the budget segment. Due to the footprint, the screen now takes 88.8 percent of the body. The footboard itself is quite wide and has front camera, proximity sensor and earpiece. The same advantages and disadvantages which are all noted phones are all applicable here. I will provide in-depth information about them in the review later.

Realme claims that the 2.5D nanoscale composite material makes up the rear panel and it is believed that keeping the light against light makes anyone feel the space. Well, it shows the angular reduction in design, but this is more or less the same as the last time. It still retains the smoothing and fingerprints and if it is dropped from a great height, for example, it will break from the height of the ear. Realme provides TPU Case in box for extra security. There is also an unspecified version of up front corning Gorilla Glass.

As a result, Realme 2 stands for its premium design in the budget segment.



Realme claims that Realme 2 has created a disruption in its price segment by starting a rung. But is this really disruptive? You get a large 6.2-inch IPS LCD panel that takes 88.8 percent of the body. In spite of this, the bottom sides are important bejels and are thin around the edges. The display exits from the body and when it is dropped, cracking comes in the grip. The extra 0.2-inch number of that offer is used to make the status bar icon home. As a result, the rest of the screen is left entirely for the content you are viewing. It is being said that, the video will be favorable to the notch by letterboxing from all sides. You can of course turn down the notch from the settings menu, and you will have a normal 6-inch display offer. Apart from this, I have to give credit to Realme to use more for the footprint. Whenever you are playing a game or watching a video, the most commonly used messaging app has shortcut area area noted. So every time you receive a Whatsapp message while watching that holy game episode, you no longer need to exit the app and answer back. Notout area will launch windows version of WhatsApp to reply.

The display itself is very bright and vibrant. Realme 2's display has HD + resolution. The resolution content combined with lower pixels per inch looks a bit washed up, but if you are watching 720p video, then it is very pleasing to the eyes. This is good if you prefer to watch something while you are coming.

In settings, you can tweak the color temperature. However, color temperature by default is less or more accurate. You have a blue light filter and can be set to turn it on at specified time. You can change the font size and the application manually to be favorable to the noted display.

If you compare Realme 2 with its predecessor, then the phone will look less. While Realme 1 was powered by MediaTek Helio P60, which is a relatively high end chipset, powered by the Realme 2 entry-level Qualcomm Snapdragon 450. The display of Snapdragon 450 is similar to the old Snapdragon 625. The same GPU and clock speed is a little lower at 1.8GHz. In Benchmark results, it shows. There is a significant difference in benchmark scores. For one, Realme 1 increased the benchmark score artificially by creating the CPU at extreme speed, even when the CPU load significantly reduced CPU load while running the benchmark app.

At AnTuTu 7.0, Realme 2 scored 75341, while in the Geekbench single and multi-core test, it scored 757 and 2900 respectively. Both results are inline with other Snapdragon 450-powered phones such as Xiaomi Redmi 5. For graphical skills, Realme 2 scored 812 in the 3DMark Slingshot test. It is clear that it is for entry-level users. You get 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The company started the Realme 2 Pro which was going to launch sometime in September. Perhaps this would be more favorable for electric users.

However, despite the entry-level chipset, the phone looks smoother and fast. Realme claims AI uses liberal amounts of AI in its UI to optimize performance. In the real world use, the phone felt sufficiently reliable. There were no noticeable intervals in the operation of the phone. It took about 3-4 seconds for the app to launch, whereas games like PubG Mobile took more time. Although this is not a gamer's choice phone. PubJi Mobile runs on the lowest settings and has noticeable frame drops and lags. However, casual games such as Subway Surfers and Angry Birds go fine.

The software that powers Realme 2 is optimized to make the most hardware. Based on Realme 2 Android Oreo 8.1, ColorOS 5.1 runs on. The UI is much more sophisticated than its predecessor. Icons and animations look more mature. A minus-one screen that comes from the home-screen swipe right It shows the shortcut of the apps you frequently use, the weather, the number of steps you have taken, and the contact with the distance, as well as distance. If you have a flight or train, it will also show you tickets and other travel information.

The UI also detects whether you are driving and switch to driving mode and turn on do not disturb mode which silences calls and messages to reduce distances. In addition, updates the phone without restarting. In addition, there are common features like app cloning option, private app, dual 4G and dual VoLTE.

Software also uses machine learning to optimize power management. After being useless, the app also gets frozen, which sometimes breaks an app like a messenger, which needs to be run all the time in the background.



Behind Realme 2 there is a dual camera unit. There is a 13 + 2MP backwards setup with the F / 2.2 aperture lens. Secondary sensor is used for depth sensing. Front Front has an 8MP camera with f / 2.2 aperture. To increase camera images, the dependency of OPO's AI beautification algorithm, and the price at which the phone is offered is less or better.

In daylight, you get good shots. This property is more or less similar to Realme 1. Colors are not super saturated and there are good details in shadows. The HDR mode is automatically turned on depending on what you are shooting.

Inside the house, the camera constantly gives clean pictures. The source of light is slightly over-rich, but the colors are quite accurate. The details are also reproduced quite well for the price offered between the actual price 2 and the Redmi 6 Pro, it is very difficult to choose a winner.

Under low light, the camera fights very much. In low light images, the shadow areas do not have much detail and the overall image has significant noise.

Portrait mode is not as good as the Xiaomi phone though offered. The edges are blurred incompatible and the resulting effect looks artificial and photonsped.

REALME 2 Battery

Realme 2 has a huge 4,230mAh battery, which claims that the company can use up to two days long. In our tests, phones did not last for long. We used the phone to take photos, browse social media, browse the Internet and play games. By the end of the day, we had approximately 30 percent of the balance remaining. However, if you prefer to play heavy titles like PubG Mobile, the battery will run even faster The phone also does not come with fast charger, so the battery takes a long time to up.

Ground level

Realme 2 provides a good value for money for the incoming price tag of Rs 10,990. This is a useful phone for someone who is not an electric user, and looks for a device that looks good and provides many features to explore. Realme, as a brand, has established himself as someone who makes a big bang for the buck. While it may disappear in the context of the fiction paper, it makes a whole new smooth experience due to the refining UI. Realme 2 is from the newly launched Redmi 6 Pro. The company is promising a good after-sale service by tie-up with Flipkart. However, both phones are being sold through flash sales. So it can be difficult to get your hands on one. There's also Realme 2 Pro in the right corner, so you want to wait and see what comes with it. Altogether, Realme shows 2 promises, but in a competitive market like Budget Segment, where every piece of hardware counts, it can only be lost in the crowd.
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